Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of VCT, LVT, Broadloom and Carpet Tiles

Abby Reinhard, March 14, 2017

Breaking Down the Pros and Cons of VCT, LVT, Broadloom and Carpet Tiles*

1.) Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

-Very affordable purchase price
-Durable with proper care and maintenance

-Limited aesthetics; can be associated with sterile environments
-Extensive and labor-intensive maintenance requirements with waxing and polishing
-Often not the most affordable option over the lifetime of the flooring due to maintenance required

2.) Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

-Wide range of design options that can mimic the look of natural stone, wood, or other designs at a substantially lower price
-Easy and inexpensive to maintain over product lifetime -- no waxing necessary
-Excellent thermal and acoustic properties, reducing temperature fluctuation and noise levels over other types of hard flooring

-Doesn't match the noise absorption of carpet
-Isn't "bullet proof" -- it can get scratches if hard furniture doesn't have proper protection and digs into the floor

3.) Broadloom/Rolled Carpet

-Better acoustic profiles compared to hard surface flooring
-Conducive to large patterns and elegant designs
-Often less expensive than carpet tile

-Less durable than carpet tiles due to lack of multi-layered structure and built-in backing that protects the carpet fibers
-Difficult to maintain appearance because you can't easily replace sections of the carpet for stains
-A lot of waste of material during installation due to fitting broadloom to interior spaces

4.) Carpet Tiles

-Acoustical benefits similar to broadloom
-Better structural integrity due to the composition of the carpet tiles
-Carpet tiles with built-in cushion can reduce wear and tear of the fibers and improve underfoot comfort

-Monochromatic carpet tiles can look like tiles, with visible seams. New designs disguise and/or embrace a modular look
-Often more expensive than broadloom/rolled carpet

*Note: I used Milliken's Flooring Blog as a reference in creating this overview.

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Quick Solution for Asbestos Tile Issues

Abby Reinhard, September 30, 2016

In case it's helpful, here's some information about how many institutions we work with have gotten new floors without having to abate asbestos flooring (e.g. Vinyl Asbestos Tile).
A number of facilities directors and others have been grateful to learn about this option because it has saved them a lot of time, money and headaches.

So here goes... five things to know about luxury vinyl floating floors:

Luxury Vinyl "Floating Floors":

  1. Require no adhesive on the subfloor -- the tiles or planks either click together or simply lay on the floor in a stable and secure installation
  2. Need no wax, and are easy to clean and maintain with just wet mopping
  3. Offer many beautiful design options (wood look, stone, etc.)
  4. Come with heavy duty wear layers and stand up to traffic in busy areas including cafeterias and hallways
  5. Are offered on the NY State Contract!

Some might use this as a temporary solution and can easily have the tiles or planks pulled up when they do want to mitigate. You can even potentially re-use the flooring in another area in your facility.

Please let me or your GP salesperson know if you're interested in learning more or would like to see samples. We'll get right back to you.

As always, a big thanks from all of us at GP Flooring Solutions, your friendly WBE-certified, authorized flooring dealer on the New York State contract.

Please let us know how we can help!

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Five Tips for Keeping Carpets Clean

Abby Reinhard, June 15, 2016

  1. Be sure to use a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar, which helps scrub the carpet and raise soil particles up and out of the carpet.
  2. Use "encapsulation cleaning" periodically to remove deep-down particles and oils. This process involves polymers that are applied to the carpet fibers, breaking down dirt and soil particles that are extracted easily by a vacuum cleaner that has beater bars. Quick drying time is a bonus -- foot traffic allowed almost immediately.
  3. Use walk-off matting in vestibule and lobby areas so dirt and moisture are removed from footwear before reaching internal carpet or hard-surface areas.
  4. In addition to quickly blotting (not rubbing) a stain, be sure to clean it from the outside of the stain toward the center to prevent spreading the stain.
  5. If you have any snags or loose fibers in your carpet, don't pull on them because that may damage the carpet. Instead, cut the strand at the height of the rest of the carpet.

And when all else fails and the carpet needs to be replaced, opt for carpet with high-quality, stain-resistant fibers that will last.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you need more help keeping your floors clean! We've got you covered!

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Five Ways to Reduce Flooring Headaches

Abby Reinhard, May 5, 2016

  1. Choose alternatives to Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) that don’t require waxing
    • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
      • Gorgeous range of designs (e.g. wood or stone look)
      • Heavy duty loose-lay LVT, such as "Hot & Heavy" by Mohawk, requires no adhesive and can go over asbestos tile and avoid abatement
      • Low maintenance -- no wax, just wet mop!
    • MCT by Forbo
      • Marmoleum composition tile - linoleum in tile form -- 100% natural materials
      • Homogeneous – not a layered product, so scrapes don’t show
      • Occupancy ready finish
    • Johnsonite iQ
      • Homogeneous – not a layered product, so scrapes don’t show
      • No waxing required -- just wet mop and dry buff to luster
      • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly
  2. Choose a “mildew-proof” carpet alternative to reduce odors
    • Powerbond by Tandus
      • Closed-cell construction means no moisture can get absorbed
      • Performs like sheet vinyl; looks and feels like carpet. Seams are chemically welded.
      • Improves air quality
      • Anti-microbial/ anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal
  3. Minimize wear and tear of carpet
    • Cushion backed carpet tile
      • Lasts 30%+ longer than non-cushioned tiles
      • Available with Bentley, Tandus, Mannington, Interface and Milliken
    • Solid-back carpet tile and woven broadloom
      • Carpet tile backing is adhered to fibers and won't zipper on the edges
      • A woven broadloom backing will not zipper like a traditional broadloom backing
  4. Choose safer flooring and reduce your liability
    • Reduce slips and falls
      • Slip resistant flooring by Johnsonite and Mannington
      • Walk-off matting will reduce the snow/water on the floor
    • Eliminate tripping hazards
      • Use Seam + Advantage by Mannington to chemically weld hard-surface to carpet, eliminating transition strips
      • Select the right transition strips between different flooring types
      • Use high-visibility, non-slip stair treads
  5. Use walk-off matting systems to keep debris at the door
    • Walking on 6 ft. of walk-off matting removes 40% percent of debris from the average person's shoes*
    • 20 ft. removes about 80% percent of debris from shoes*
    • 39 ft. removes 98% percent of debris from shoes*

* Source

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Your Flooring Projects Over Spring/Summer Breaks

Abby Reinhard, February 22, 2016

Despite recent snow, you’re probably focusing on projects for spring break and summer. As a certified WBE flooring dealer on the State Contract, I wanted to let you know that now is a great time to take advantage of special offers and lock in your flooring installation during peak busy season.

GP Land & Carpet specializes in helping you find the best deals on the State Contract for your specific flooring needs.

You can also save a ton on maintenance costs by considering innovative hard-surface flooring products other than VCT. For example, with Johnsonite iQ homogenous vinyl sheet and tile, you’ll never need to strip, polish or wax—ever—and you’ll get long-lasting performance (it’s also certified asthma and allergy friendly). Of course we do VCT too...all day, any day!

And if you ever need a project completed immediately, check out our warehouse inventory—we have over 20,000 square yards of carpet, as well as hard-surface flooring available now, at prices lower than items on the State Contract.

We want to make your life—and budget—easier. We have a sales rep in your area and would love the opportunity to stop by and see how we can help.

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Keeping Snow & Debris Off Your Floors

Abby Reinhard, November 4, 2015

Before winter hits, we wanted to share pricing and performance information with you on walk-off mats. According to industry reports, walk-off mats can remove up to 98 percent of debris from shoes:

walking on 6 feet of walk-off tile/matting removes about 40 percent of debris from the average person's shoes

20 feet removes about 80 percent of debris from shoes

39 feet removes 98 percent of debris from shoes

We're seeing more and more of our customers opt for walk-off tile because the designs now look like carpet tile (they're no longer just plain gray!) -- and the walk-offs help them better maintain their carpet/flooring throughout their facilities while minimizing slips and falls. Walk-off mats come in both rolled goods as well as tiles, and they require only vacuuming and a periodic cleaning to maintain.

The most cost-effective walk-off mats range in price from $3.00-$4.44 per square foot (or $27-$40 per square yard). We have some pre-cut and edged mats in our warehouse inventory now for an even deeper overall discount. There are great options available for order on and off of the New York State Contract (OGS).

As a certified WBE and approved dealer on the NY State Contract, we can help you meet your procurement goals and save your institution time and money. A quick reminder: you can access pre-negotiated rates for materials AND labor by purchasing through the NY State Contract.

You could order now and have walk-off mats before December!

Please, feel free to use us as a resource should you have any questions about carpet/flooring. At GP Carpet, we're always happy to help -- promptly!

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Two Flooring Options Ideal for Health Care Facilities

Abby Reinhard, October 7, 2015

We wanted to share information about two flooring products perfect for health care environments -- see below. As a certified WBE flooring dealer on the OGS NY State Contract, we're here as a resource to you whenever you have any questions about floors.

Powerbond by Tandus is a hygienic product of choice in health care -- it looks like nylon carpet, but acts like a durable hard-surface. It's resilient flooring with a textile wear layer.

Benefits of Powerbond:

  • Impermeable to moisture and contaminants, due to welded seams and closed-cell construction
  • No delamination, zippering or edge ravels
  • Sustainable (100% closed-loop recyclable; and lowest embodied energy footprint of all textile floors)
  • Noise reverberation decreased up to 25%

Powerbond by Tandus

How it works: Heat and pressure bond the nylon wear layer to the resilient closed-cell cushion sheet.

GP Land & Carpet carries Powerbond and oversees impeccable installations of this six-foot rolled product. Powerbond is an option via the OGS NY State Contract for both materials and labor.

We're happy to share samples and offer free estimates as well as referrals on this product and our service.

Seam Advantage by Mannington allows hard-surface flooring to be chemically welded to carpet, eliminating the need for transition strips. This means:

  • No tripping hazard
  • No "bump" for patient beds to roll over
  • No breeding ground for bacteria

Mannington Seam + Advantage

Mannington's top-quality resilient sheet, LVT, and performance broadloom carpet can be chemically welded to each other creating seamless transitions from surface to surface. The company offers a lifetime warranty for seam integrity, delamination, edge ravel, zippering, and wick-back staining.

Please let us know if you'd like to see samples or a demonstration of these products, and as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions related to floor covering for your facility. We'd love to help in any way we can.

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